Favorite Pages

A. N. Lucas' Neocities website - So Aesthetic and nice, this man can make you feel nostalgic, he is so talented and the based guy. Check him out anyway.

Microsoft Service Network Messenger Fan website - looks like official one that made by Escargot Team. But still good.

Windows XP Tour (HTML Version) - Classic, and nice. (You can see it also in PB123's website)

Kirby Kevinson's website - Classic Windows 98 style website, i like when people make classic design of their website (for example Windows XP style site)

Dannarchy - DOOM BASED GUY 11/10

Japanese Nintendo 64 page - wario apparition moment

Geocities 90s - Welcome to 90s, eedeeowts!

Atom Smasher Error Generator - Make errors with this cool thing. grandows page exposed

Whang's website - no posers allowed in his site.